Make employee training an unforgettable experience

Bridge the gap between where your employees are today and where they want to go with our suite of employee training and development tools designed to engage and empower diverse thinkers.

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REACHUM helps trainers

  • Transform technology from distraction to learning tool
  • Make new hire onboarding less overwhelming
  • Encourage team-building with game-based learning activities and a competitive leaderboard
  • Level the playing field with learner-centric training activities designed to meet the learning preferences of visual learners, auditory learners, read/write learners, and kinesthetic learners
  • Employ scientifically proven Universal Design for Learning principles to increase long-term knowledge retention
  • Monitor comprehension, identify knowledge gaps, and clear up misunderstandings before they negatively impact an employee’s work performance
  • Build confident leaders and boost employee wellbeing

How REACHUM works


Learners use their phones to interact with your training. Leaderboard games ensure their phones remain a learning tool while encouraging team building through friendly competition.


Our multimodal approach to instructional design helps professional trainers level the playing field between smart employees with different learning styles in a diverse workplace.


We make training and development fun while giving learners and instructors the ability to monitor progress and clear up misunderstandings before they impact performance.


Microlearning guides information processing and improves long term retention by giving learners the chance to pause, reflect, and absorb a concept before moving on.

REACHUM helps employees

  • Focus their attention on the lesson at hand without awkward technology moments killing the instructor’s momentum
  • Pause between microlearning activities to reflect on what they just learned
  • Feel connected to their team through a shared learning experience
  • Process information using methods catered to their learning style preferences
  • Remember important details for months and years to come
  • Recognize misunderstandings early on and ask questions before they fall too far behind
  • Pick up new skills and concepts faster
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Build stronger leaders faster