Platform Features

REACHUM allows simple, realtime sharing of any interactive content in virtual meetings. Upload photos, videos, gifs, pdfs, and PowerPoint slides. Embed webpages, games, and shopping carts.

Fast Meeting Starts

Connect to customers and colleagues in half the time you expect. It takes less than 30 seconds to get from invitation to conversation.

Deeper Engagement

Built-in REACHUM activities allow you to choreograph interactive experiences that capture attention and energize meetings

Simple Controls

Presentation anxiety disappears with REACHUM. One-click advances users through the content and activities.

Reusable Content

Reuse your slides, forms, polls, and games. REACHUM content is evergreen. Copy activities or entire presentations and reuse your over and over.


Screensharing, a 30 year old technology, is a quick and easy fallback for new content that hasn’t been pre-loaded.

No Installation Required

No installation or downloads required. Meetings quickly open in your default browser on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Instant Layout Changes

REACHUM presenters use layout changes like orchestra conductors, clicking a change to capture attention and emphasize a message point.


Built-in gamification multiplies engagement using quizzes, puzzles and games. Leaderboards track accumulated scores for meeting long competitions.

Instant Transactions

Fully secure transactions can be completed in-session using Shopify, Snipcart, and other ecommerce providers.

Realtime Data

Get immediate feedback

Easy Collaboration

Edit Miro whiteboards and Google documents as a group. Start meetings with an agenda built in Docs and finish with next steps in a Google Sheet.

More Features

Agreement signing,  form submissions,  calendar scheduling, meeting invites. Manage content. Rehearse big presentations. Limitless integrations.