Inclusive education for the classroom and workplace

Engage learners with interactive presentations.
Close the achievement gap with differentiated instruction.

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Knowledge is power. Learning is for everyone.

For the Classroom

Captivate your class and gather performance insights with our blended learning tools. Reach more students with accessibility-friendly, multimodal learning experiences.

For the Workplace

Develop stronger leaders faster with unforgettable training programs. Make eLearning more accessible and improve employee retention with microlearning.

Eliminate learning barriers with a
Universal Design for Learning framework

Using the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework as a guide, we give instructors the power to transform two-dimensional slide decks into collaborative learning experiences.

Reducing technology distractions, catering to a variety of learning preferences, and ensuring compatibility with assistive technologies are at the heart of REACHUM’s mission to remove obstacles to education.

engagement without distraction


- gamification fosters community
- single tab interface reduces distractions
- leaderboard motivates participation
- data facilitates mastery-oriented feedback

multimedia concept illustration


- text slides and PowerPoint
- images, videos, PDFs, GIFs
- interactive webpages
- drawings & recordings

multiple methods of interaction & expression

Action & Expression

- Discussion: polls, open-ended response
- Kinesthetic: memory match, tap tap
- Traditional: multiple choice, fill in the blank
- Visual: draw quiz, math quiz

* We use AudioEye® to ensure our games are compatible with assistive technologies

Convert electronic devices from learning enemies into teaching allies

REACHUM’s game-based learning tools give you the opportunity to turn your audience’s attention away from their work emails and social media feeds and onto you. 

Leaderboard results update in real time, motivating learners to forget about their missed texts until after your lesson.


Don't let awkward technology moments drain the energy from your room

Pausing your lesson to pull up a secondary video, window, or tool can ruin the magic and disengage your learners.

With REACHUM, you avoid the screenshare shuffle. Keep all your favorite tools in one place, on one screen. Move forward as planned without missing a beat.

Did we mention we make technology-fueled learning easy?

REACHUM is a browser-based EdTech solution, meaning you can access its full capabilities right from your browser. No download or install required.

To participate in the games and interactive lesson activities, your learners just need to scan a QR code or click a link.


Create unforgettable learning experiences

When your lesson speaks to every student, you become every student’s favorite teacher.