An all-in-one training solution

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Unlimited possibilities in one place.

REACHUM was scientifically designed to serve as a comprehensive tool for training professionals, encompassing content creation, management, presentation, tracking, and beyond. Say goodbye to juggling multiple software packages for your program needs—REACHUM offers the all-in-one solution you’ve been seeking!

Introducing your expanded training team: committed, skilled professionals ready to collaborate.

Mia Walker REACHUM Design Director
Randall Tinfow REACHUM CEO
Joy Lin REACHUM President

Every REACHUM customer collaborates closely with our devoted team of professionals who understand your requirements and training objectives, tailoring the user and trainee experience precisely to meet your goals.

Still skeptical? Engage with our team members to discover how they’re revolutionizing training management.

Key components for enhancing training effort outcomes


REACHUM introduces interactive elements and gamification into training, enhancing learning, focus, and effectiveness.


Centralized platform for home, remote, and online learning, that eliminates the need for awkward screen sharing. 

1-Stop Portal

A unified, searchable database simplifies the discovery of training and marketing materials.

User Friendly

The straightforward and user-friendly interface enables trainees and instructors to concentrate on mastering learning content.


Navigation and branding can be personalized and seamlessly integrated with your Learning Management System and corporate identity provider.


Managers can utilize engagement and performance data to conduct real-time gap analysis and assure learner success.

REACHUM provides everything I need under one roof. It truly electrifies interaction and keeps people interested and engaged.

Menna A.
Product Manager

Why does REACHUM work so well?

1. Compelling Activity

Our platform offers interactive experiences that captivate learners and maintain their engagement across in-person, remote, and self-paced learning sessions.

2. Immediate Data Insights

REACHUM detects learning deficiencies and offers real-time analytics, enabling prompt adjustments and enhancements.

3. All-Inclusive Platform

From lesson preparation through final assessment, REACHUM consolidates learning tools for delivering efficient training in a unified location. 

4. Judgement-free and Engaging Platform

REACHUM provides a safe environment for learners to interact with instructors, inquire about topics, and collaborate with colleagues without fear of embarrassment

Manage all of your training needs within a single solution, backed by a dedicated team that's focused on helping you achieve your training goals!

Client Testimonials

Training & Sales materials stored in a single location. A unified solution. A seamless experience.

LMS screens that reflect the REACHUM LMS customizability.

Eliminate technical obstacles. REACHUM, an Advanced Learning System, is easy and intuitive. Deliver presentations, videos, surveys, games, and more in one seamless experience.

REACHUM serves as a complete learning solution.

Instructors  Trainees

Ongoing interactions between instructors and trainees minimize distractions and maintains learner focus.

Trainees  Peers

Collaborative activities and game-based learning increase team engagement.

Managers Instructors

Real time access to reporting.

Incorporate gamified activities to get your learners in-sync.

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