Streamline lesson planning

Spend less time preparing, more time teaching

Enjoy simple, streamlined lesson prep, liberating you to spend more time for differentiated instruction.

Professors discussing a lesson plan.

Faster Prep

In-person and remote

Engage learners like never before

Sustain class attention for hours instead of minutes. View real-time reports that measure student involvement and understanding.

Attention is precious

  • Capture & keep it
  • Key optimization
  • Continuous measurement
  • Tooling focus
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Student Engagement

  • Connecting
  • Expressing
  • Participating
  • Playing
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Excitement Amplified

Challenge learners with games

Learners compete in a variety of gamified challenges. The quicker the correct response, the higher the score, making for fun and enjoyable experiences.


of students prefer REACHUM in class*

*Data on request
A bank vault representing user privacy.

Privacy Protected

The usernames and email contacts of learners are stored in an encrypted database that is not human readable. Student data is never shared with 3rd parties or used for marketing purposes.

Remove Technical Barriers

Browser based, no installation issues.

Users scan a QR code or click a link and they are in REACHUM immediately. Couldn’t be easier for first time users.