What is REACHUM?

REACHUM pulls learners out of the passive trance.

It is a learning platform that optimizes the attention of in-person and remote learners through rich, gamified experiences.

The REACHUM Back Story

REACHUM, a meeting platform built specifically for live learning, started development in June 2020 and acquired its first paying customers in December 2022. In the first 3 months of 2023, paying customers have included QUAD, Exeltis, and Space Force (as a subcontractor). These customers have ongoing business with the company. President and CTO, Joy Lin, and CEO, Randall Tinfow are the founders. Bootstrapped from the outset, the company has been capitalized with founder sweat equity.

We've been building digital meetings since 2002.
We've figured out how to make them more productive.

Our continuous innovation is driven by customer feedback and detailed analytics. We’ve produced hundreds of live events for demanding clients including Johnson & Johnson, Shire, Genentech, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, and many other small to giant size firms, as well as providing learning tech to the US Department of Defense.

Think of REACHUM as a communication accelerator. When people are in-sync, more gets done.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Gary Johnson REACHUM board of directors

Gary Johnson


As CEO of Kokua Ventures, Gary Johnson provides investment and tech advice. He has accomplished experience as an innovation leader at Apple, Facebook, and Pinterest and has been involved with numerous IPOs, key strategic partnerships, major acquisitions, and significant financings.
Tim Unger REACHUM board of directors

Tim Unger

Board Chairman

As serial CEO, Tim Unger has built and taken multiple Silicon Valley start-ups through the successful processes of funding, commercializing, scaling, and accelerating the launch of dynamic new businesses, ultimately leading to compelling liquidity events for stakeholders.

Jeff Bennett


As CEO of Higi, Jeff Bennett led the consumer health engagement company through a successful acquisition by Modivcare (Nasdaq: MODV) in 2023. His record of value creation and delivering results in dynamic high tech environments is a consistent difference maker.

Meet Our Team

Joy Lin REACHUM President

Joy Lin

President | Co-Founder

Joy Lin, President and CTO, is a data-driven software engineer who was awarded a US Patent for technology that enables REACHUM’s Advanced Learning System. Her innovative software solutions solve problems for academic and corporate learning organizations.

Randall Tinfow REACHUM CEO

Randall Tinfow

CEO | Co-Founder

Randall Tinfow, CEO, is a visionary leader with a passion for leveraging technology to empower growth. At the forefront of eLearning for 25 years, he has collaborated with museums, medical device, pharma, and telecom companies, publishers, the Department of Defense, and presidential campaigns in two countries to accelerate skill and knowledge transfer.
Mia Walker REACHUM Design Director

Mia Walker

Design Director

Mia Walker combines creativity and technology to create energetic, memorable story-driven experiences. Her background includes VR, AR, and UI/UX with a specialty in applied game design. Mia’s desire to make education more accessible to nontraditional learners is driven by her personal experience overcoming adversity in college.

Daryl Fanelli

Marketing Director
Daryl Fanelli is a creative storyteller and thought leader with significant experience executing successful marketing strategies for B2B and B2C clients across a wide range of industries. Her passion for eliminating barriers to education is grounded in her own experience teaching students from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds.