Intuitive learning experience design

REACHUM follows Universal Design for Learning guidelines for creating a learner-centric classroom environment.

student engaging with class on phone


  • Recruiting interest: We transform technology from learning distraction into learning tool, encouraging students to build the digital literacy skills they’ll need to thrive in a modern workforce.

  • Sustaining effort and persistence: Our simple interface allows instructors to easily shift between tabs, windows, and programs without losing momentum or creating an unwanted distraction.

  • Self-regulation: Our microlearning framework empowers learners to ask for help before they fall behind while helping teachers understand how each student learns best.


  • Perception: Our instructional design platform is a teacher’s toolbox for building multimodal learning environments. Think beyond voice and text to reach those who think outside the box.
  • Language and Symbols: We don’t let symbols get in the way of information processing. Our games support mathematical notation. Our whiteboard makes live collaboration simple.
  • Comprehension: Our microlearning framework prevents students from experiencing cognitive overload while building active memorization and strategic categorization skills.
representation of learning styles
virtual students interacting with course material

Action & Expression

  • Physical Action: Destroying barriers to learning is our mission and we take it seriously. Our learning experiences are compatible with assistive technologies and screen readers.

  • Expression and communication: We simplify the process of multimedia concept illustration. Add slide decks, videos, games, and more with the click of a button.

  • Executive Functions: Export game results and look for performance trends. Our platform is designed to help teachers identify struggling students before they fall behind.



Learners use their phones to interact with your lesson. Leaderboard games ensure their phones remain a learning tool while encouraging social skills through friendly competition.


Our multimodal approach to instructional design helps teachers create a learner-centric classroom with a focus on making lesson materials accessible to all learning preferences.


We make education fun while giving students and teachers the ability to monitor progress and clear up misunderstandings before the learner falls too far behind.


Microlearning guides information processing and improves test scores by giving learners the chance to pause, reflect, and absorb a concept before moving on to the next course objective.

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