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Business Professionals React to REACHUM

 “It’s very important for them to get right into the content, and deliver that content in a very succinct, concise way. REACHUM provides that ability to optimize time and to accelerate the educational component for all our busy executives.

– Scot D., CEO

“I love REACHUM. I love how easy and simple it is to use. I love the interactivity. The quizzes are a great way to keep people involved and to keep their attention. REACHUM would be helpful to anything educational, for training purposes, for businesses, and virtual meetings!” 

– Mary M., Administrator

Instructors React to REACHUM

How has REACHUM helped to avoid the technological barriers students & teachers experience?

I have a wide age-range of students, but age is not a barrier to using REACHUM’s interface. All students were able to enjoy it!

– William F., Math & English Instructor

“I used REACHUM for the first time this week. Every student was engaged from the first minute of class until the end, whether they were physically present or attending virtually.”

– Briana F., Business Instructor

How has REACHUM improved classroom engagement?

“Using a QR code so that students’ phones became an active part of the lesson transformed my classroom. We were able to have a more fluid classroom discussion, and the level of active listening happening in the room increased exponentially.  The students enjoyed the competition element of the leaderboard. Once they understood that points are awarded for a correct answer and bonus points for speed, their concentration and attention soared.” 

– William F., Math & English Instructor

“Teaching higher education courses can be difficult, especially when the classes are scheduled for 3 hours in length. It can be extremely challenging to get students involved, participating, and engaged in discussion for the full class time. REACHUM provides a channel to deliver the course content in a way that is fun and informative.”

– Briana F., Business Instructor

How has REACHUM directly impacted you as an instructor?

“The Leaderboard is a great tool for an instructor to identify students who might need extra support. REACHUM allows for all kinds of instructor flexibility and creativity with its incredibly convenient content storage system. 

Teachers are often asked to transform their teaching as needed to match whatever the student’s learning needs are. REACHUM is the first education tool that I’ve ever used that I believe can accomplish that goal at scale.”

– William F., Math & English Instructor

“REACHUM helped me to take charge of a higher ed classroom. The students were deeply engaged and became active participants in their learning.”

– Briana F., Business Instructor

“As an educator, I am always interested in new methods for engaging and enlivening students in group settings. REACHUM’s tools really help to humanize online learning platforms.

– Lisa R., Associate Professor of Design

Pharmaceutical Professionals React to REACHUM

What are pharmaceutical professionals saying about REACHUM?

My favorite part about the REACHUM experience is the organizational aspect and how user friendly it is.”

– Menna A., Product Manager

REACHUM is more intuitive than previous technology we’ve used.”

– William E., Commercial Operations Director

Periodic quizzes helped break the content up into smaller, understandable concepts.”

– Anonymous, Sales Representative

In a recent survey, 100% of pharmaceutical sales representatives stated that they think REACHUM courses helped them with information retention.

Students React to REACHUM

What did you like about using REACHUM in a learning environment?

“I enjoyed that no matter where you sit in correlation to the speaker or the board, you can still see and hear what is going on and be engaged in it. I liked that you could put interactive questions and games after each section and make things a little more interesting. ”

– Abbey B., Student

“Using REACHUM was a great way to stay engaged and focused during the presentation. I was always able to follow along both on the screen and on my device. The embedded videos were great too because they provided a small change of pace to keep us listeners on our toes.”

– Cole J., Student

Do you think that REACHUM helped with concept retention?

“Yes, for sure. Between the graphics, videos, and text bubbles, there was enough to capture my attention and keep me locked in.”

– Abbey B., Student

I believe that REACHUM certainly helped me to retain concepts that were shown in the presentation. I can’t get work scope out of my head now! I also think that the game that was played forces you to pay attention that much more, especially when you are competitive.”

– Cole J., Student

Would you like to see REACHUM in other learning environments?

“I think REACHUM in class room or business environments is something that should be implemented, it added an extra level of entertainment.

– Abbey B., Student

“REACHUM did a great job of making learning fun, which is the best part. If REACHUM can do that in other topics and environments as well, then it should be there too!

– Cole J., Student

Across three surveys, 100% of students stated that REACHUM enhanced the learning experience.