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REACHUM adds interactivity to boost training success

Your Training Content

+ REACHUM Interactivity

= Better Training Outcomes

Involved trainees learn faster and better

REACHUM accelerates pharmaceutical onboarding and compliance by deeply involving trainees in online activities.

Our scientifically engineered learning platform dramatically improves training efficacy, reduces costs, accelerates knowledge transfer, and improves retention.

REACHUM transports learners from passive to active, maintaining attention and training focus for hours instead of minutes.

The essential ingredients to boost your training results


REACHUM brings interactivity and gamification to training — boosting attention and training efficacy.


Home, remote, and on-line learning in one place, without awkward screen-sharing.

1-Stop Portal

One single, searchable repository makes training and marketing materials easy to find.

User Friendly

The simple, intuitive interface allows trainees and instructors to focus on content mastery.


Navigation and branding are customizable and integrated with LMS and identity.


Managers access engagement and performance data for real-time gap analysis and accountability.

REACHUM provides everything I need under one roof. It truly electrifies interaction and keeps people interested and engaged.

Menna A.
Product Manager

How Does REACHUM Work?

1. Engaging Content

Our platform delivers gamified experiences that keep learners involved and motivated during in-person, remote, and self-study learning experiences.


2. Real-Time Analytics

REACHUM identifies learning gaps and provides insights in real time, allowing for immediate adjustments and improvements.


3. Comprehensive Solution

From lesson prep to assessment, REACHUM provides everything needed to deliver effective training in one place.


4. Safe and Interactive Environment

REACHUM offers a secure way for learners to connect with instructors, ask questions, and collaborate with peers.

Improve training outcomes by boosting focus and attention.

Pharmaceutical Trainers adding REACHUM to their existing programs have seen impressive results


Increase in trainee engagement time


Stronger 2 week lesson retention


Faster training completion


Faster compliance success


Engagement at 3 hours compared to 16%


Pays for itself in cost-savings and improved sales


Faster workflow for lesson prep


Trainees prefer REACHUM energized learning

What Our Clients Are Saying

Everything in one place. One platform. One experience.

As an all-in-one platform, REACHUM enables you to present slides, video, surveys, games, and much more, without leaving the platform, eliminating frustrating technical barriers that interrupt the learning experience.

Everything is accessible in one place, providing a seamless training experience.

REACHUM is an All-in-One Learning Experience Platform​

Instructors  Trainees

Continuous instructor-trainee interactions eliminate distractions and keeps attention focused.

Trainees  Peers

Group collaboration and gamification enhances team engagement

Managers Instructors

Access to program results in real-time by line-of-authority

Add gamified activity to get everyone in-sync​

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