We do our best to answer all your common questions about our digital experience platform.

How do I sign up to use REACHUM?

Sign up for a free trial at v.reachum.com. No credit card required.

What does REACHUM cost?

REACHUM has 3 pricing plans for a variety of needs:
  • The In-Person plan is $12.00 / month or $125 annually.
  • The Hybrid plan is $24.00 / month, or $250 annually.
  • The Enterprise plan is package pricing.

For more details, view the plans at https://reachum.com/pricing/.

How do I invite people to view my presentation?

After selecting a presentation room, click the “Copy Invite Link” button. Paste that link into your email, calendar invite, or CRM system.

How do guests join a REACHUM meeting?

When users click on the meeting link, they are brought to a waiting room where they confirm their mic and camera settings, then click knock to request entry. Host approve requests and the meeting starts.

Do I need an account to use REACHUM?

Hosts need to login for a free trial account that has full capabilities. Viewers aren’t required to register or have an account.

What are the features of REACHUM?

A partial list of features can be found here. Registered users get a bi-weekly update listing new and upgraded features.

What type of content can be delivered during meetings?

The REACHUM platform is open to every type of digital content that can be viewed on the Internet. That includes images, videos, PDFs, PowerPoints, spreadsheets, gifs, whiteboards, webpage. Interactive content like quizzes and transactions are experienced synchronously but privately.

How does a presenter move through content?

Pressing the “n” button advances to the next content window.

Can I use my own camera/microphone equipment?

Yes. After connecting your equipment, you can select which you’d like to use by clicking on the “Camera” and “Microphone” buttons in the login window.

How do I add content into my presentation?

Select which presentation room you’d like to update. Then click on the “+Add Content” button. This opens up REACHUM’s content manager where you can add, delete, and reorder any type of content.

As a host, can I turn other people’s microphones off?

Yes. As host, you have complete control to turn off audience members’ microphones, cameras, or remove them from the meeting.

How about chat?

Click the chat icon to open the chat panel. You can send messages and emojis to everyone in the meeting.

What differentiates REACHUM from virtual meeting platforms?

Guests are transformed from passive viewers to active participants in a live digital experience where attention is sustained for 4-5x longer. Sellers can close deals with transactions and agreement signing built into the platform. Teachers and trainers can send students challenges and games with one click and get the results back in real-time.

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