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Add games and activities to supercharge engagement and results. REACHUM LMS architects transform routine learning into high energy experiences.

If you’re ready to optimize  knowledge and skill acquisition, talk to the REACHUM team.

Energize your learning!

LMS screens that reflect the REACHUM LMS customizability.

Engage Learners Like Never Before. Improve Training Results Quickly.

LMS screens that reflect the REACHUM LMS capabilities.

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The first step to customization is to meet with our team. Once we understand your needs, we provide a REACHUM-ization Plan.

REACHUM includes a robust suite of real-time user metrics so that leaders can check progress and identify learning gaps. 

Implementation typically takes between 2-6 weeks. 

Yes! REACHUM is compatible with popular LMSs.  Contact us for details. 

Custom LMS configuration  is surprisingly affordable. Contact us for a free evaluation and budget. 

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