Don't let time, resources, or one-sided lectures stand between you and your students with diverse learning needs.

Design multimodal learning experiences with REACHUM’s interactive presentation tools.
Our instructional design platform makes differentiated instruction simple, quick, and scalable.

How REACHUM knocks down walls
between teachers and learners

Differentiated instruction by design

We use color, text, and icons to categorize media and games by learning modalities based on Universal Design for Learning principles. Ensuring your course materials meet diverse learning needs has never been so easy.

Eradicating technology distractions

We break the stigma around technology in the classroom. Our interactive learning activities transform cell phones from your biggest adversary into your greatest ally in the ongoing struggle for your students’ attention.

Empowering introverted students

Our collaborative learning tools encourage active participation and communication from even your shyest learners. Give students the ability to ask an anonymous question or provide an anonymous response.

We remove obstacles teachers face in adopting blended learning


Have you ever found yourself learning how to use the latest education technology product in the middle of a lecture? Yeah, us too.

This experience inspired REACHUM’s intuitive design and navigation. We streamline multimedia concept illustration by keeping slides, videos, games, and more in a single tab, on a single screen.

REACHUM features - all devices


REACHUM reduces the amount of time instructors spend on lesson planning while making differentiated instruction holistic and easy to scale.

Add, edit, and rearrange slides, images, videos, games, and more without leaving your REACHUM dashboard. Copy any media in a REACHUM lesson from one class to another with the click of a button.


REACHUM’s mission is to make education accessible to all types of learners, including learners who require assistive technologies to participate in blended learning activities.

We use AudioEye to ensure we’re meeting ADA compliance and are confident in our product’s compatibility with assistive technologies.

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With plans starting at just $12 a month for our full suite of games and lesson planning tools, REACHUM is an affordable solution for teachers looking for interactive educational tools.

In fact, our all-in-one video conferencing, instructional design, and game-based learning platform saves teachers and admins money typically spent on individual EdTech software programs.


instructional design + lesson planning tools
$ 12 Monthly
  • Lesson planning dashboard
  • Live games from any device
  • Leaderboard progress tracking


In-Person perks + video conferencing platform
$ 24 Monthly
  • On-screen gamification
  • Single tab solution
  • Simple controls


customized for your business needs
contact us for custom pricing
  • custom branding
  • LMS integration
  • Advanced games

Endless possibilities for learning and instruction

These are just a few of many options you have for learning experience design with REACHUM.

Create an editable text slide with our rich text editor. Use this tool to create a simple slide or a complex navigation menu to your other course materials.

(To upload PowerPoint slides, view the PowerPoint tab.)

Upload a jpeg or png image. Both the image media type and the text slide media type come in handy when you forget to add an important detail to your lecture slides.

Upload your own video for precise playback control across all learner devices. You control what your audience sees on their screens. 

Upload a PowerPoint deck. PowerPoint files are converted to individual slides that can be reordered or deleted within the REACHUM platform.

If you forget to add a slide to your original presentation, you can either add the new individual slide on its own instead of reuploading your entire deck or create a REACHUM text slide.

Upload a PDF. PDF pages are converted to individual slides that can be reordered or deleted within the REACHUM platform.

Any page with a link is shareable in REACHUM, making real-time collaboration possible between instructors and users on their devices. Work together on documents and spreadsheets, send a 3rd party quiz or poll, or share a shopping cart for secure, in-meeting transactions.

Add a YouTube or Vimeo link to share in REACHUM.

Instructors can share freehand drawings with their class. Useful for outlining math problems or labeling illustrations.

REACHUM hosts can record a video up to 2 minutes long within REACHUM’s video platform and add it as a slide.

(To add a YouTube or Vimeo video, see the Video Link tab. To upload a video file from your computer, see the Video tab.)

Import a GIF to set the mood using Giphy, the largest library of animated gifs on the internet. Giphy integrates with the REACHUM platform, so you can browse and find the perfect GIF without leaving your REACHUM dashboard. 

Polls are Discussion Questions with no correct answer. Measure your audience’s attitude, sentiment, or opinion with a poll.

Open-Ended Response is a Discussion Question with no correct answer. Ask your class an open-ended question or allow students to ask you a question and receive identified or anonymous responses. Click on a response to display it on student screens and stimulate conversation. Students can respond to Open-Ended questions with text, gifs, and jpg or png image files.

Giving learners the ability to ask anonymous questions empowers them to take charge of their education by creating a low risk environment free of potential peer judgement.

Leaderboard Game: Teachers ask a question and learners select the single correct answer.

Leaderboard Game: Use for questions with more than one correct answer. Scores are influenced by the number of correct answers a learner chooses.

Leaderboard Game: Students type their answer in a single input field. Perfect matches score points.

Leaderboard Game: Instructors draw a picture and ask learners a single select question based on their freehand drawing. Learners select the single correct answer.

Leaderboard Game: Record or upload a video and insert  a timed quiz at a specific time in the video. Note: Video Quizzes only work with video file uploads or videos recorded using the REACHUM platform. 

(See Video or Record a Video tabs under REACHUM Content Uploads: Media.)

Leaderboard Game: Create a Single Select math question using math symbols and notation.

Leaderboard Game: Learners click one of 12 cards to flip over and reveal a value. Learners then click another card to try and find a match. When a match is revealed, the pair will disappear. The game is successfully completed when all pairs are matched.

Leaderboard Game: Learners tap a list item to select it and tap the corresponding category associated with the item to categorize appropriately. Scores are influenced by the number of correct answers.

What educators and students
are saying about REACHUM

REACHUM increases student engagement

“Teaching higher education courses can be difficult, especially when the classes are scheduled for 3 hours in length. It can be extremely challenging to get students involved, participating, and engaged in discussion for the full class time. REACHUM provides a channel to deliver the course content in a way that is fun and informative.

REACHUM helped me to take charge of a higher ed classroom. The students were deeply engaged and became active participants in their learning.”

- Brianna Florovito, Business Instructor


Danielle loves the mixture of content a REACHUM lesson offers. REACHUM’s gamification elements increased her motivation to participate in class.


Rudy elaborates on his experience with hybrid classes, and how REACHUM has transformed his views on hybrid learning.


Paxton’s favorite REACHUM feature was the ability to engage with her friends in real time. REACHUM encouraged her to speak up during class.

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